Monday, November 29, 2010

Single crochet 1-2-3

Finally a moment were I can sit down and go over the happenings of my day. Or should at least go over the few days since I have not made a post in quite a while. The week went well. I had plenty of things to keep me busy. And plenty of things on my mind. It's been a trip. It is weird really. I have had moments were I feel utterly tired and unmotivated. And there has been times were I feel kinda like being to myself for awhile. It's funny because I can be so up and down. Like I need to venture away, and become a nature girl to get myself 'ready' or excited to be back in the swing of being sociable again. Now I know being 'not socialble' sounds bad. But really I am not saying I am sick of people. It's more like I need to refresh myself so I may be of use or encouragement to someone else. Does that make sense? On another note, I was excited to try to make chicken salad from a rotisserie chicken that was leftover from yesterday's lunch. It was BBQ of all things. And I wondered if it would make things taste really off with the already rotisserie flavor mixed in. It went over very well. In fact, I am going to plan to make it again. I love having it between fresh asiago cheese bread, and toasted makes it simple. Am I making anyone hungry yet? I also tried a new coffee today. I was looking for a coffee that mimicked the coffee from Verde cafe in Urbana. They have the best coffee. It is called something Sumatra. So I went to the store with high hopes of finding something similar. After having what I found today I think its a wonderful coffee. Robust and smooth. But I still find it shy's away from being as good as Verde's. It was called Sumatra too. But just because it sounds the same doesn't mean it is the same.

I have been finding myself wanting to buy online lately. I keep going to sites like Amazon, Etsy, and I have really seen things that was like oh' i need this, and Ooo I'd love to have that. But part of me wonders if I am just wanting to order something because I like to open packages. And of course find a box near our door. Must be a chick thing. I have behaved thus far. But I am not making any promises.

I have been keeping my crochet up lately. Messing up, trying it again. Doing weird things and trying to figure everything out. It seems I have learned so much more screwing up than I have doing it right. That is how I roll it seems. At least when it comes to creating. Another hat, a coffee cozy. and a few other things. All looking somewhat better in form. I am still going, still wrestling with the simple instructions. Who knew I would have so much trouble with counting. Single crochet 1-2-3 double single crochet 4 single crochet 1-2-3 double single crochet 4. If this doesn't makes sense to you well I am sorry. It hasn't made a whole lot of sense to me either. I promise to make it make more sense when I know what it all means.!

I think I may start reading a book soon. The shack has been recommended to me and it sounds like a really good read. What is nice is I think my mom owns it. So if she hasn't already loaned it out I may try and see if she has it around. Have any of you started a good read lately? I'd love to hear.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Makings of a Model.

I've have lots of ideas running through my head as of today. Ideas for a Wheat field handbag, a Sweater pillow and assorted other things. It all started when my husband and I finished lunch. We both decided to retreat to the studio (His) with a teapot full. Not hot tea as you would have supposed, but some delicious mulled hot cider. Something about being able to retreat to a warm space. Not like the rest of our house isn't warm but for some reason this room has become special to us. A relaxing space. Now about the title of today's blog. I don't know what the makings of a model rattles up in your head. But while shopping at Tuttle mall my sweet of a man husband asked if I'd like a cup of coffee. Now this to me was just as much pleasure of being able to go out to a five star restaurant. Well, almost.... But after we had ordered a 'Mint Condition' of caribou coffee I realized what a cute little cup they had it in. Now if you are wondering what a Mint condition coffee entails give me a second. So as I admired the caramel yellow cup with the dark brown lid it hit me. A Perfect model cup! I had needed something like this because I have been making a coffee warmer, insulator, gripping, wear like a sweater around a cup o' Joe type creation. Now I have seen these before and really loved the idea. And I actually plan on making several of my own as well as placing these warm little coffee sweaters in my Etsy store. I never had a cup to model them on but finally I believe I do. At least so I hope. Now, back to 'Mint Condition' just in case you thought I forgot. It was a powerfully yummy combination of espresso, cream, coffee, dark chocolate, and Andes mints. It was oh so bad. But oh so good. Simply amazing.

I have been stock piling my very modest stash of material as of late. Is that a oxymoron? I really am having a tough time finding a project I want to start with. My modest stash makes me want to think through my plans very well. But the only other option is to just go for it and let my imagination run. There is this wild side to me that wants to try a risky color scheme and the more careful side that wants to tip toe my way in.

Here is the idea I had for a 'Wheat fields handbag' This is really just a rescued tablecloth from a thrift store with a section of a folded olive green cloth that may be used for an interior. The shape I have below is an idea I may consider. I still have not decided. And I am not sure if I am ready to conquer a decision at least until I feel very confident of it's turnout. If you have any creative flair you can add I would appreciate any comments.

Do you remember me telling you about what I believe to be a red velvety vintage fabric I found? 
Well I finally took a picture of it.

I really have been playing around with the idea of making it into a vintage floor cushion.
Below I have a pattern for one. And it seems to fit. 

The book was a new addition to my forever growing library. One that I am sure will be one of my favorites. I love getting new things to read. But I also love the inspiration it gives me. That wave of encouragement to keep creating. Even when its one of those uncreative days.

There you have it. Now all I need to is decide which one to start on.
And that sometimes can be the most challenging.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another day, another hat. Well sorta.

So here it is already Friday. This has been a funny week. It seems like all week has been were I literally have to drive myself to do what needs done. Now there was a time were I would go merrily skipping my way through my home excited about the day. Now I never said I would get excited about the thing I dread the most, dishes. But in the grand scheme of things I don't mind much whatever else. But even with all that. I did find myself after pushing my way, yes there needed to be a push involved. That I was more out of my funk. But why couldn't I have done that Monday? Better luck next week I suppose.

Well I started another hat, a baby hat. I have been in baby-land. Maybe that's why I have been in a funk?
This one is a lot more complicated as I try and get use of a yarn that wants to separate, curl and kink as I work with it. I do like its soft and warm texture and the creamy colored yarn. I really find that I better try making several hats for awhile until I get the hang of that. Then I can gradually allow myself to move to other things. Now while I say that let me show you my handicapped flowers I was working with ;)

I believe I was working towards a daffodil, now with that said maybe you see a slight resemblance.
Now I know they look rather out of sorts. But mind you these were my very first ones. With no pattern to follow. What is it with me not wanting to follow patterns? I was totally and completely winging it. But I think it turned out that way mainly because I had never worked with that small of yarn and then there's the I never made flowers excuse. Which in my book is acceptable. Now I can allow all of you to see me falter and begin to be a bit more talented as I go along. Maybe it will give someone else hope as they learn. As well as teach others to follow directions. I have not even began to look for directions. But I see I am going to need to very, very soon.

Sorry about the poor picture quality. It was very muggy outside and I hate using the flash and getting
very harsh pictures. (Although maybe harsh would of have been better.) I will have alot to show you here in a few weeks as I get more time to work with things. I will keep you updated on the process. For now I am going to try the skipping thing in my home as I try and capture the feeling.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's sunny and bright here, with plenty of rain the following night making things appear greener than they had weeks before. Its the middle of November, and wonderfully today doesn't it feel like it. I have been at odds in knowing what project I would like to start next. I was able to find lots of new material to add to my stash including what seems to be a vintage red velvet with soft straight lines running through it. There is also this Tablecloth that I found ( this is one of my favorites) that I believe will make it's way into to being a bag. If I have my way that is. With all this material it will make things a lot more creative having the ability to choose different coordinating fabrics. As well as un-coordinating. Sometimes mis-matched stuff can make an item so much more interesting. So in the future I will soon see what projects come into fruition.

My crocheting lately has been pretty interesting. I started on a lilac purple hat. Fit for a baby,that is until I realized how it was going and ended up taking it half apart. With no previous experience I started on it without having a pattern to follow. When I got towards the top I realized how cute it could be if it had a little spunk. So hence the spunk! I think for a first baby hat, it's not to bad. But there is some irregularity I would like to work out of still. This seems to be how I do things. Starting and then realizing it's not going as well as I would have liked, and then stripping it apart until I get to the area were I feel things are going well again. Then there are those times were I just put the whole thing away and procrastinate on it so that I can start another new fresh project. I tend to be easily distracted at times. Having had days gone by before I could finally work on a project. The very last thing I want to do is feel the pain in tearing apart what I had been working on for the last hour. But making things tend to be that way. The first time you do something usually is a little less than perfect. So I just need to get used to that. And I also need to get used to working on a project over several days, rather than feeling like I need to finish it right away.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's a new day.

Tuesday, a day when usually I am feeling a little overwhelmed. But today it started rough as my thoughts began lingering on the things that needed to be done. Until I realized I had a lot to be excited about. For one I am an aunt, again! My sister just adopted a beautiful little girl who already has the looks of a beauty queen. And with all that, I recieved a call earlier letting me know I just won a drawing. What drawing you ask? It all started when I went to the Plant nursery. Yes a plant nursery in November. Actually it was really only a few days ago. I signed up in their gift section on a modest little table thinking ah' it couldn't hurt. How right I was. I generally don't win anything. But to my surprise I won what is called a diva bag. What I imagine to be a bag full of assundry items fit for a diva. Now, I never viewed myself in any retrospect of a diva. Being quite tomboy-ish, I tend to run from anything diva derived. When I get this 'Diva Bag' I'll be sure to post all its Diva-ness. Until then I am going to bathe in the thoughts of how to spoil my new niece.