Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am just loving my new camera. I have been trying to think of things I can take photo's of for my blog, and also of course learning better how to use the camera. My Orchid opened it's second bud. Might as well plan on me updating you on every new bud, stem, and flower there is. At least until the newness wears off. Although it might never wear off. Just a warning, *grin*. I am feeling a little bit better than I did yesterday. Circumstances didn't necessarily change. But my attitude is, or at least trying. I am so moody!

To those of you who I have not already told here is my new plant! It's a lipstick plant and her name is 'Mona Lisa' at least the name that is on her tag. I was pretty excited to find her in our Lowe's store greenhouse on a rack of clearanced plants. Now, usually clearance plants are either sick, ugly, mis-shaped or something else. I found this one happy, well formed, pretty and blooming.(almost, the buds are there!) So try to figure that one out. And for something near the $4.oo range who could argue. Upon first glance I didn't even know it was a lipstick plant. I have been secretly wanting one of these ever since I saw my sister in laws in her studio. Full of blooms, and even when it's not it's simply gorgeous.

After seeing this one they actually had another lipstick called I think variegated, I went home without it. And then went back the next day and brought it home. Seriously, I did. And I am so glad I did. I hung both in our dining room windows and it livens of the whole room. It's beautiful. We can still see the birds out of a couple 'holes' remaining. So it's all good. And I like the feeling of being in a greenhouse. Especially when it is so cold outside.

So as you can see, snow has a beauty of it's own. And in our home I am trying to capture summer in a very small way. My need for green in winter is much needed. And I feel other's probably need it to. Even non gardeners! Makes you feel warmer and cozier!! Or at least for a gardener, farmer girl like myself! ha ha.

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  1. I'm loving seeing all your new photos. I hope you keep blogging all of what you're up to.

    Your lipstick plant was such a bargain. I LOVE bargain plants. I got a lovely orchid from Home Depot for just $5 a couple months back and it's STILL blooming. It has so many flowers that when I came back to the farm today I thought my mom had put another plant in my room.

    My lipstick plant looks very similar to yours, though the other "lipstick" plant that I have isn't really the same plant (and isn't really a lipstick plant at all, though in the same family).

    Your snow is pretty, too! (And your little deck cafe!). Nice to have sunshine and snow.