Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am just loving my new camera. I have been trying to think of things I can take photo's of for my blog, and also of course learning better how to use the camera. My Orchid opened it's second bud. Might as well plan on me updating you on every new bud, stem, and flower there is. At least until the newness wears off. Although it might never wear off. Just a warning, *grin*. I am feeling a little bit better than I did yesterday. Circumstances didn't necessarily change. But my attitude is, or at least trying. I am so moody!

To those of you who I have not already told here is my new plant! It's a lipstick plant and her name is 'Mona Lisa' at least the name that is on her tag. I was pretty excited to find her in our Lowe's store greenhouse on a rack of clearanced plants. Now, usually clearance plants are either sick, ugly, mis-shaped or something else. I found this one happy, well formed, pretty and blooming.(almost, the buds are there!) So try to figure that one out. And for something near the $4.oo range who could argue. Upon first glance I didn't even know it was a lipstick plant. I have been secretly wanting one of these ever since I saw my sister in laws in her studio. Full of blooms, and even when it's not it's simply gorgeous.

After seeing this one they actually had another lipstick called I think variegated, I went home without it. And then went back the next day and brought it home. Seriously, I did. And I am so glad I did. I hung both in our dining room windows and it livens of the whole room. It's beautiful. We can still see the birds out of a couple 'holes' remaining. So it's all good. And I like the feeling of being in a greenhouse. Especially when it is so cold outside.

So as you can see, snow has a beauty of it's own. And in our home I am trying to capture summer in a very small way. My need for green in winter is much needed. And I feel other's probably need it to. Even non gardeners! Makes you feel warmer and cozier!! Or at least for a gardener, farmer girl like myself! ha ha.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am tired today. And for reasons without mentioning feeling quite stressed. I hate feeling this way when it's such a beautiful day. And when there is much to look forward to. So on another note since It does no good dwelling or complaining! My Orchid above is blooming. It actually has several suckers that are developing into flower buds. My other two orchids are  getting ready to bloom as well. It is nice that they have survived thus far. I am hoping that my killing houseplants days are over. I can dream right? Christmas this year was really good. Stefan and I enjoyed Dutch babies for breakfast. We started on our gifts and my wonderful, awesome husband gave me a gift I have been wanting to have for a long time. A pocket camera. I already had a Canon XTI but I was ready for something a lot simpler and easy to carry. The photo's today is from my Canon powershot. Nice right?! I am so excited about having the opportunity to capture a lot more for picture album's and for blogging. Blogging will seem a lot easier now. You'd be surprised how much I dreaded getting my camera out of a big clunky case and messing with all the settings. Now it will be more of point and click. Nice when I am busy and don't want to think.

We finished a puzzle we had been working on. A 300 piece, this one only took an hour or so. But we also worked on another two days ago that was 500 pieces. Some people are not puzzle people. And to be quite honest I am not much of one. But my husband is, and he enjoys having a partner in crime. So I guess I am becoming a "puzzle person" and finding it quite relaxing.

Niece Kamryn Rose is getting bigger day by day. She noticeably has been responding more and more to sounds, lights, and the world around her. I also notice just how much more active she is. Kicking and humming to herself as she lays on her back. Mom gives her her tummy time and she turns her head from side to side to keep an eye on mommy. Motherhood is so precious. And makes me cherish more and more the sanctity of life.

One final thought, I will leave you with this verse.

                                                 Psalm 139
 For you created my inmost being; 

   you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
   your works are wonderful, 
   I know that full well. 
 My frame was not hidden from you 
   when I was made in the secret place, 
   when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 
 Your eyes saw my unformed body; 
   all the days ordained for me were written in your book 
   before one of them came to be. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spinach and Bacon souffle, Sorta

Well with all the great breakfast's out there they're is one I would love to know how to add to my collection. Panera's Spinach bacon souffle. It's been a grueling morning. No, not really! But I think I am getting close. I started with the idea from Anne's Dutch baby recipe a while back. I thought the egg mixture was very similar to the one at Panera's. So with that I threw in some bacon ( bit's, but they were the real kind) And then some spinach, torn swiss, and mixed it all up.

Well there was also the greasing of the souffle dish, the thawing of the pastry and the brushing of egg atop the pastry before filling it up.
So what I have I learned? I learned that Anne's recipe calls for butter in the pan before pouring the mixture in. And I did so before putting the pastry dough in. Only one tbs instead of two. And I also learned the the butter inside the pastry needed not be there. I added it thinking it may need it. It didn't and it ended up oozing outside the side of the dish. I also learned I did not need so much spinach. So less is better next time. And Although the swiss was good. It wasn't perfectly Panera just yet. I ended up looking on their website and found that although ham and swiss is used in one of the souffle's it wasn't used in the spinach and bacon. So Do you want to know what I found out? Click the link  and and then go to the calculator. There you can click INGREDIENTS and it will list everything.

So I still need cheddar cheese (instead of swiss) And I need Applewood smoked bacon. And asiago cheese to sprinkle on top. And of course there could be more but really, the one I had was already really close! So I hope this as at least intrigued you a little bit to go and investigate your favorite out to eat food. And when I figure this out, and i will!! ( trying to stay motivated). I am going to move on to bigger better thing's, hello crepes!

If you find any great Recipes be sure to let me know!

Oh one more thing! Here is my new niece.  And she is a doll!

                                                                        Kamryn Rose

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Would Think

You would think that we would have managed to decorate our tree considering it was brought home on Sunday. But I guess we have been a bit too busy.  I may need to just drag everything down from the attic and say 'here are the ornaments lets do it now'. Not like I can't do it by myself, but we always tend to decorate it together. I guess we will see what tonight musters. On another note I have picked up some more fabric for some wallets I would like to make.

I believe The light blue and yellow will be one,

 and then the darker blue and yellow and red polka dots another.

 I haven't made up my mind yet which pattern I would like to follow. That's the hard Part. And I have been saving that decision till last.

I found an old friend yesterday. One who I knew from a church where I grew up. She also has her own Etsy shop and it was exciting to see someone else I know with a passion for creating things. I sent her a message, with no real hopes except to let her know how happy I was to see she was pursuing art as I am. I hope to see more and more people I know come into the creative circle of Etsy shops. I think we all need a little creativity. And what better way is there then to have your own little shop on the web if you can't yet have a 'real physical one.

Our sweepers broken, at least that I can't vacuum. So there is pine needles strung all over the floor were we first strangled the tree when we were setting it up. And there is also dirt all over are carpet floor in the kitchen when I was trying to clean up the inside of my plants pots from leaves and other matter. The sweeper broke several days ago when I noticed it sounded very clunky when the brush spins. I looked at it as it was spinning, spun fine except it was spinning rather haphazardly! So today I am hoping the part I ordered has come into the little store downtown ( it's a modest sweeper repair, and sewing shop). I wish they had a lot more sewing things. But all they really have is new machines for sale, and maybe a dozen colors of thread and that's it. No fabric, no patterns, sigh...

Well, there is a load a laundry waiting for me. As well as a sink full of dishes so I think that's it for today
Thanks for listening :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fragile Starts, New Beginnings

Ah mornings,
Do you know those mornings? It's those were you wake up and the weather is fine. Beautiful and bright, cold...but beautiful. And one many thanks to Anne!  It started with a wonderful Dutch Baby. It's mostly and eggy type pancake (Much better than it sounds). It was wonderful with the powdered sugar and lemon juice. It was my first time ever making one. So I was curious how it would turn out. Result, Stefan bout' flipped! Yes they are that good. Take a look:

So here it is, and now it's gone!

I was so happy Anne shared her amazing recipe she uses with us. And she wants to share it with you ! So the start of a good breakfast revved up my day. I now have my coffee and my computer. Another great way to start my day.

At least until I start my long list of to-do's. And BTW, have any of you put up your Christmas tree yet? We did Sunday. Although it's not yet decorated. We love going to a local tree farm called 'Stoll's tree farm' It is always such a great experience. They treat you right! You start by going in a warm heated barn filled with the smell of pine needles and a fire. Than you get a lime green ribbon before trekking out to find the perfect tree. And did I mention the oh so sweet yellow lab? She sports a red ribbon around the farm. She has a puppy like energy. Circling around you as you arrive. After finding the perfect tree you then return to the barn and let the guys now were the tree is. You can follow them up the hill and watch your tree being cut or retreat back in the barn to warm up with the fire and the hot chocolate and peanut butter blossoms. The choice is yours. We used to have an artificial tree years ago. But we love being able to support locals and it's so nice that there business is thriving. It very Eco friendly. Some may argue. But by buying a tree you help them to plant more trees. One might ask why that's a good thing if they are just going to cut them down. But each tree must be planted and grow for many years before being cut. And for those many years it provides shelter for the bird's nest's in the spring and shelter from the cold in the winter. And if it weren't for the trees it would be inevitably a flatted spot for more seasonal crops. And you know the trees are helpful in that while you are trumping in the snow the chirps of birds are not far behind. So if you have an artificial tree don't despair. But if you get a chance to snag a real one do it locally! It is a great experience and while you may have a few pine needles occasionally drop to your floor it will reward you with it's wonderful scent. It will make even the urban dweller feel as if they were wintering in a cabin high in the mountains. Or at least come close. Last but not least, this Geranium was a start one may not try to achieve. It started it's life on its mother plant until it's owner clipped it away.

 It's clippings were given to me for the sole purpose to try and make new starts. However after placing them in my car I forgot about them for more than a week. With also the added stress of a whole lot of heat. This was in the heat of summer mind you'. But in the hope of reccesitating it I placed it's stems in water after first trimming almost an inch from its stem. The result several weeks later (Actually more than that) I noticed it greening again and a shot of sucker roots starting. I was excited! Now as you can see This Smelly good Geranium has a new lease on life and is doing exceptionally well.