Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spinach and Bacon souffle, Sorta

Well with all the great breakfast's out there they're is one I would love to know how to add to my collection. Panera's Spinach bacon souffle. It's been a grueling morning. No, not really! But I think I am getting close. I started with the idea from Anne's Dutch baby recipe a while back. I thought the egg mixture was very similar to the one at Panera's. So with that I threw in some bacon ( bit's, but they were the real kind) And then some spinach, torn swiss, and mixed it all up.

Well there was also the greasing of the souffle dish, the thawing of the pastry and the brushing of egg atop the pastry before filling it up.
So what I have I learned? I learned that Anne's recipe calls for butter in the pan before pouring the mixture in. And I did so before putting the pastry dough in. Only one tbs instead of two. And I also learned the the butter inside the pastry needed not be there. I added it thinking it may need it. It didn't and it ended up oozing outside the side of the dish. I also learned I did not need so much spinach. So less is better next time. And Although the swiss was good. It wasn't perfectly Panera just yet. I ended up looking on their website and found that although ham and swiss is used in one of the souffle's it wasn't used in the spinach and bacon. So Do you want to know what I found out? Click the link  and and then go to the calculator. There you can click INGREDIENTS and it will list everything.

So I still need cheddar cheese (instead of swiss) And I need Applewood smoked bacon. And asiago cheese to sprinkle on top. And of course there could be more but really, the one I had was already really close! So I hope this as at least intrigued you a little bit to go and investigate your favorite out to eat food. And when I figure this out, and i will!! ( trying to stay motivated). I am going to move on to bigger better thing's, hello crepes!

If you find any great Recipes be sure to let me know!

Oh one more thing! Here is my new niece.  And she is a doll!

                                                                        Kamryn Rose

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  1. She is so sweet! What a darling! You can cook for me any day! :)