Friday, January 28, 2011

Not my typical Saturday.

Already, I know that it won't be a typical Saturday. So far the plan is to work on the bathroom a little. As well as I have need to release two little micey's that made it into the feed room; they were both caught in live traps; and the plan is to take them far away from home and give them the chance to settle down elsewhere. If I get my way, my day will start by making Dutch babies for breakfast; along with my Sumatra blend coffee that's been waiting for me for such a time. Then off to Lowes for Bathroom caulk and other sundry items. then back home. We will go on in the bathroom until we hopefully get it done. Then off to sorting and organizing the stuff we have accumulated. It's going to be an almost "Spring Cleaning Day" with hopefully remarkable results; a cleaning out the mice from the closets; and I mean that literally.
Happy weekend to you all!

1 comment:

  1. Dutch Babies!!! :)

    Glad you're releasing your mousies. I won't tell you what has been happening to ours. :(

    Good luck with your projects. I hope to hear all about them and see some pictures!!