Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Manure..... Yes, just that.

Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina

So.... I hope you all do not mind, I did not furbish you today with a picture of manure. Because today, I picked up my first load. Just for the garden; and it was a trailer full. Whew!! Now, don't laugh, but I can actually agree to, and share the fact, that I actually like horse manures smell. Maybe it's sentimental or maybe it's not, either way the sweet smell takes me down a country lane. And for that I don't mind it!!

One day i plan on having a horse. Not just any horse. A draft. And I am pretty sure I won't change my mind. And that farm is in my mind. Along with the produce stand I dream of. I will actually have one, this year. Just not at my farm,  yet!!! I really feel like this country girl dream of mine seems to never die. I can forget about it for awhile but it always comes back. And while raking all that good horse poo in the garden, while freezing finger's begged for attention, I pretended wholeheartedly that the manure was from my own horse. And that while I was working it I pretended I was at my own farm. And for that I felt more like myself than ever before. Working in the country. I believe it's just one other calling in my life. And I am loving it. And I am excited to see what my Lord is going to do with it all. Go Jesus!


  1. So, are you spreading your manure over snow in your beds or is the ground showing? Should we be ordering a load now and storing it here til we're ready to use it? I don't know anything about this poop thing and could use some help.
    Sorry Jasmine is still having her troubles. Not much worse than watching a beloved animal suffer.

  2. I just KNOW that you will find a way to make all of your dreams come true. I wish I could convince you and Stefan to move to Wisconsin. It's so beautiful here and there are newspapers all over... ;) Your mom and step-dad would love it too!

  3. Sharon,
    Manure just needs to be put on at a time where it can at least sit for 120-150 days so it can compost . Ideally, in a perfect world I would have put it on in the fall. That is what most farmers do. But having found my source for all that poo just here recently; I will have to settle by spreading now. So yes technically if you have the time and you don't plan on harvesting till another 150 days; go for it!! Otherwise you might just want to wait till next year or find manure that has already been composted. Or you could have the load dropped off and then let it sit for a time before using it. Otherwise it will burn your plants. Either way it is safe for use after the 120 days for harvesting above ground (tomatoes, peppers green beans) and 150 days for things in contact with the ground (lettuce, carrots, potatoes, ect.).
    So count like this: "If I put the manure down at such an such date; and i will plant my lettuces at this such date; so my first harvest would be along this such date and that would make the total number of days for manure being on the ground for 167 days so I'm good to go!

    Jasmine is still having troubles. But hopefully she will begin being on the mend and the other kitties won't get sick while she gets better.

    Anne, I may get my dream, I may not; but I am certainly keeping my eyes open; and I certainly won't have my head down! Would love to move to wisconsin. But I have my nieces to think about (three in all, so far) and everyone here is very much settled! But don't worry, we plan on taking trips as soon as we can :) And if I can facilitate a move to some land and starting a farm; lookout because this girl is going to go all out country!!!! I miss our visits, and are shopping spree's; along with our convo's on our dream farming! It has finally come to you are living that dream, and I hope mine is not far behind!!

  4. I know, I know. But a girl can have her fantasies, right?


    If you dream it and you want it badly enough I believe that you can make anything happen.