Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Kitchen

So here take a look at our new kitchen!!! All right you got me on this one. But I wouldn't mind having a kitchen like this any day! So Can you guess where I went over this last Saturday??? I will give you a few more hints.

So have you guessed it? IKEA of course!!! And in these staged rooms, the look can be had with a truckload full, and a few handymen. So if you have that, and some mula, your good to go!

We went somewhere else before this. And it was pretty amazing. More on that to come.
And finally the update you may have forgotten about. Jasmine our Calico cat has been to the vet two weeks ago and again today. She was quite an unhappy camper. She has what we believe to be a fungal infection. And that says ALOT! She was taken off her current meds today because of A GI upset and  has to go without meds a few days until the vet finds a suitable trade that doesn't upset her GI tract. My poor girl had yet another skin scraping test. A 12-chem blood test. and 2 shots. One for anti-inflammatory and another (which would be her second for a secondary skin infection) Need I say more. She is also currently on a prescription diet to help her eat better since the anti fungal meds has sent her into a self started fast. We'll see what happens. I just hope the vets will know what to do. I hate seeing her so miserable. And I fear for the rest because they tend to sleep and snuggle up each-other and it's highly contagious. The vet says separating them wouldn't necessarily help and might actually spread it worse. For now the others are still on meds to "prevent" any outbreak. Thankfully the dogs and indoor cats are fine. So it seems the cats outdoors are the only ones affected. Keep them all in your prayers!! And I am doing the same!

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  1. Sorry to hear about all your animals! I was hoping that Jasmine would be doing better. How hard to have sick pets.

    Going to Ikea is always fun. I always enjoyed it when we went together. Maybe someday again (though I LOVE thrifting with you more!!!). Can't wait to hear about your other adventure.

    Miss you lots.