Friday, January 21, 2011

Went to the zoo A few days ago. They had free admission, as it was Martin Luther King day. I had this idea that I wanted to go couch shopping. But ended up going to the zoo instead. Not a bad trade off I suppose!
It was rather cold when we got there. Snow and ice were around and some melted water that puddled beneath the exhibits was a bit hazardous since it had frozen over. It was invisible ice, and we had to watch for it. The tiger's here was lounging in thery'e man made cave. From the picture you would have thought it were cooling down. When in reality the tiger was trying to heat up. The zoo is not what it used to be for me. I used to Love going to the zoo. The animals were always so awesome and I could not get enough of them. But it seems now when I see them I feel really not as excited as I once was. I really believe that this is because I know where they are and I can't really get excited about "Wild" animals. That are not that wild. Seeing one of these Bengals in the wild would be enough for me to jump up in down for joy. But seeing them in a somewhat mediocre sized cell makes you wonder what they be doing if they had more room. They can only do so much. And once they are in there home once it pretty much stays the same. The earth tends to change it's appearance over the years. And it changes from a meadow to a swamp pretty quickly.What was a modest creek gives way to its banks by torrential downpours breaking the mud and carrying what was land downstream. So I would suppose life in these 'perfect' cells would after a while get pretty boring. But believe me these tigers looked quite happy, like it never knew what they were missing. But I suppose if they did they might try to find a way out, maybe....


These lions had a lot more room, the young Male on the left is what I imagine to be the females offspring. If only the bars were removed this would of been an excellent shot. But then again I imagine I would be seeking safety. Not a picture!!


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  1. I have mixed feelings about zoos, too. But zoos are all about preservation and education, or at least should be. So as sad as it is to see these magnificent animals locked up...

    You got some great shots, bars or no bars.